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The Moon Mask Rider
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Watch The Moon Mask Rider (1982) : Full Movie Online The Moon Mask Rider is a tokusatsu movie produced by Purumie International/Herald Enterprises and distributed by Nippon Herald Pictures, was released theatrically on March 14, 1981. Considered Japan's answer to the American box-office fiasco, The Legend of the Lone Ranger (released the same year), this updated version of the Moonlight Mask legend bombed at the Japanese box-office. Daisuke Kuwahara (who, like Klinton Spilsbury , disappeared from doing films) plays George Owara (Moon Mask Rider's new alter-ego), and the rest of the cast made up of veteran action starlets: Sue Shihomi, Daijiro Harada and Takayuki Godai.

Title The Moon Mask Rider
Release Date Nov 01, 1982
Genres , ,
Production Company
Production Countries Japan
Casts Etsuko Shihomi, Daisuke Kuwabara
Plot Keywords mask, superhero, religious cult,
Etsuko Shihomi
Moon Mask Rider
Moon Mask Rider
Daisuke Kuwabara
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