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The Moon Mask Rider
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Watch The Moon Mask Rider (1982) : Full Movie Online The Moon Mask Rider is a tokusatsu movie produced by Purumie International/Herald Enterprises and distributed by Nippon Herald Pictures, was released theatrically on March 14, 1981. Considered Japan's answer to the American box-office fiasco, The Legend of the Lone Ranger (released the same year), this updated version of the Moonlight Mask legend bombed at the Japanese box-office. Daisuke Kuwahara (who, like Klinton Spilsbury , disappeared from doing films) plays George Owara (Moon Mask Rider's new alter-ego), and the rest of the cast made up of veteran action starlets: Sue Shihomi, Daijiro Harada and Takayuki Godai.

Title The Moon Mask Rider
Release Date Nov 01, 1982
Genres , ,
Production Company
Production Countries Japan
Casts Daisuke Kuwabara, Etsuko Shihomi, Daijiro Harada, Jun'ichi Inoue, Mizuho Suzuki, Takayuki Godai, Takeo Chii, Takuya Fujioka, Tomoe Saito, Yoshiro Uchida, Yumiko Furaya
Plot Keywords mask, superhero, religious cult,
Moon Mask Rider
Moon Mask Rider
Daisuke Kuwabara
Etsuko Shihomi
Daijiro Harada
Jun'ichi Inoue
Mizuho Suzuki
Takayuki Godai
Takeo Chii
Takuya Fujioka
Tomoe Saito
Yoshiro Uchida
Yumiko Furaya
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